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There comes a time when we all aim for a better life than we are currently living. We know, hope and believe there is something better for us to experience but with every attempt to change our current reality, we fail dismally. Could the problem be you? Could the problem be the dream? Could the problem be the company you keep? Just where exactly is the incongruence



After years of study and experimenting, Tafadzwa Makombe who is a qualified Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur, transformational coach and neuro-linguistic programmer has realised the answer lies in changing your subconscious. You can learn all the neat tricks taught to you from motivational speakers or inspirational books. Most of the time however, these are not good enough to ensure permanent change. A change that will ensure your dreams, goals and ambitions edge towards you consistently. True transformation lies in the subconscious and when you can change your subconscious, you will change your current circumstances.

If you are interested in true change, then this is the book that will bring that about for you. Here is what others who have read the book have had to say:

“In Learn. Unlearn. Relearn, you are encouraged to face your fears, anxieties, and challenges head-on. Tafadzwa provides practical steps and tools on how to face your fears and ultimately how to live your best life. There is nothing more powerful than knowing who you are and what you are capable of. We are gods and have the innate ability and potential to create and live the life of our dreams. Tafadzwa provides insight on how to unlearn all negative and limiting beliefs, relearn new positive and empowering beliefs, and to use these tools to live your best life. With her book, Tafadzwa awakens the god in you!” – Tumelo Matlala, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur “Remember that a great future does not require a great past!’ These words have transformed my life! I am happy that I read this book because I have learnt so much about myself and about conquering my mind. I can now live my BEST life. I feel empowered by this journey of learning, unlearning, and re-learning. I truly appreciate Tafadzwa’s practical steps to achieving goals, overcoming fear and anxiety and most of all being consistent. Her conversational style makes the book easy to read, real, and relatable.” – Malebo Maloka CA (SA)

“I’m so glad to have read such a book which unpacked so much about my brain that I did not know about – so mind-blowing! I came to the awareness that I have a big part of my brain called the subconscious mind which affects the outcome of what I do and attract in life, and that I can train my brain to focus on the positive and attract exactly that. Thank you to Tafadzwa for writing such a powerful mind-changing book which I read at a time when I was going through a difficult transition in my life but needed to stay positive and not lose focus. Now I live life being more aware and careful about what I focus on as that is exactly what I will attract.” – Malamba Masindi

“I love how the book not only speaks of but has actual exercises that one can consistently do to make sure they are living a fulfilling life. You are truly the architect of your own life and no limiting beliefs should ever hinder one from living the great life they are destined to live.” – Nomfundo Ntuli – Payroll Professional

“This book is amazing, intriguing, and the mind map of our lives! A concise, powerful read.” – Mandla Mark Mthombeni Ka Dlamini

“This book came at a perfect stage of my life. I recently changed jobs and shortly after the national COVID lockdown started. It gave me a better perspective on how to view and tackle obstacles that came with the new role. It assisted me in dealing with the imposter syndrome experienced in the first few months and I really appreciate the timing of it. Much appreciated Tafadzwa.” – Snegugu Vilakazi CA (SA)


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